Personal Assistant Services

I'm here to help provide an extra pair of hands, to conquer through your to-do list! Whether you're a busy professional, business owner, new parent, inundated university student, or just someone who needs a break!

I'll take those mundane and persistent tasks off your hands, letting you focus on the more important things in life.

As a personal assistant, I can help you with a multitude of services - whether of a personal or business nature.

Please read through a small selection of the services that I offer - if you don't see something you require, please contact me, there's a high chance I can accommodate your errand request!

Personal Errands

Some examples, but not limited to...

Picking Up & Dropping Off Orders & Post

Exchange & Refund of Items

Sourcing Items at the Best Price

Selling Goods Online

Arranging Special Occasions

Proofreading University Assignments

Research on Pending Projects

Finding & Applying For Jobs

Business Errands

Some examples, but not limited to...

Proofreading Websites

General Administration

Data Entry

Bookkeeping & Invoicing

Online Research

Finding Leasing & Insurance Deals

Arranging Teambuilding Events

Contact Manufacturers & Publishers