Efe Wilson, Management Accountant

Really impressed by the services I've received from The Errand Girl and for the various things I've asked of you. You have done nothing short of deliver every time. Living quite a hectic work life with lots of long hours means I get piled on. The Errand Girl has stepped in to help me find the best (and cheapest!) tickets for travel rail and flights, especially when I had a last minute let down. I also had The Errand Girl provisionally book some hotels and a hire car for my recent trip to Geneva City & Haute Savoie (region in the Alps of eastern France). All in budget, all so timely! Thanks!

Shelly Hills, Bioscientist

The Errand Girl is amazing! Helped me out late night and last minute with getting information to send an important document overseas before the Christmas period! She was very efficient and was able to get me all details within 30 minutes with the best price for the job. She genuinely cares and even checked the next day that my documents were sent! I definitely recommend The Errand Girl for all your odd jobs and jobs that you can't get done due to other commitments! She will definitely remain at the top of my contact list to help me with my future errands!

Bushra Ayub, PhD Student

I have always found it really difficult to get organised, however this all changed with The Errand Girl! It's amazing what an extra pair of hands can do for you. She has helped me with my note keeping, organising my files and sticking to my schedule. As a PhD student and lecturer, I have lots on so the organisation aspect helps me to stay on track and ahead with my assignments. Thank you for all your help, especially with the proofreading!

Gavin O'Brien, Managing Director (Clearhead)

What an amazing service. People talk about virtual assistants but why do you want a virtual assistant when you can have an actual assistant who can come to you. She not is only someone with a boundless amount of energy but she is so switched on to everything you need. The ability to have as few or as many hours a week for all the things that you don't have time to do, or time which you can put towards more productive elements is invaluable. For me the proof is always in the pudding. As such I wanted a new car which can be a laborious process. The Errand Girl allowed me to have multiple options and do all the hard research on my behalf. Then when it came to getting round to looking through it, the deal that she had already negotiated was the best deal around! I just had to sign on the dotted line! I don't know what I did before The Errand Girl but will continue to use her services more and more as it really is a no-brainer! 5 Stars!!